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Before you think of making this idea as a business, let me tell you that 'Dog Breeding Business' is NOT for everyone. Its not just purchasing a male dog and a bitch then you can start your business, there are aspects to consider. I have 2 dogs in my house and I sold some puppies, but most of the time i gave them to my friends and relatives. I have to admit that selling puppies can generate big income but it is a nightmare specially when having a dog or pet is not your type. Here are some important aspects of having a dog as a pet or for business.
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I. FAMILY before you start having a dog, it is very important to consult your family first. Is your family willing to have a dog in your house? Are there family members who are allergy to dogs fur? are they willing to share their space with dogs? These are basic questions but important to know. If there are conflicts between your family and dogs, then I wouldn't recommend you to have one unless you are living alone.

II. KEEN INTEREST normally a person might be interested in dogs at first glance because of their looks and cuteness, but don't be fooled by the looks, because different breed of dogs possesses  different character, sooner or later you'll realize that having a dog must fit to your personality and lifestyle. Before you purchase a dog make sure that it's your real interest to have a dog, or else you'll end up jailed for abandoning your dog on the street.

III. RESEARCH  it is very important to know what are kinds of dogs and their origin because each dog has its own temperament. There are dog breeds that are small but will drive you crazy because of their temperament and there are large dog breeds that are calm and friendly. Research for possible prone diseases and treatments for future possible scenario. Purchase your dog from reputable breeder, make sure that you saw the parents of the pups and ask for their medical history. It is very important to know the medical history of the dogs to avoid spreading genetic diseases.

IV.  PLACE  surely you don't want to receive petitions to your dogs from your neighbors because of their smell and noise. Remember that dog barks a lot, and they have smell specially when they poop. I wouldn't recommend people who lives in a small apartment to have dogs or people who lives in subdivision to do breeding business. make sure that your place is suitable for having dogs.

V.  TIME like people, dogs need attention for their needs, dog walk, medicine when they're sick, regular trip to veterinarian. When your dog is sick, I'll tell you, it is hard as having a sick baby, you have to wake-up at night to check their health every now and then, feed them by your hand or by syringe. If you are working, make sure to hire a person to do all these stuff. Bad dog behaviors often a result of being left alone and lack of exercise.

VI. BREED what kind of breed you want to produce? toy dog, working dog , etc.? For the first-timer, I would suggest to buy a small breed dogs such as Maltese or Bichon Frise , these dogs are lively, gentle and friendly. Large, working dogs are not for first time owner, like German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois they require a lot of patience, time and hard work. They are not suitable for small environment. It is better if you focus on a certain breed, if you want to breed toy dogs then focus on toy dogs, if you want working dog then focus to this breed, this way you can develop techniques and can produce suitable environment to this kind of breed without conflict to any other breed. If you're  focus on a type of breed you want to produce then it will be easy for you to find your niche.

VII. MONEY you have to allocate for their vaccines, dog food, toys, veterinary fees, papers and permits.

VIII. PERMITS, LICENSE, LAWS when you are decided to start a dog breeding business, it is important to abide all legal requirements. Business registration, permit to operate, sanitary, dog registrations, etc.

IX. CONSULTATION and FOLLOW UP Dog breeding business is not just selling pups to your customer. Before you sell your dogs/pups make sure that you know your customer, it is your responsibility to make sure that the puppies goes to the right owner and that the purchaser knows exactly what kind of dog they really need. Ask them about their environment, work, reason, suggest what kind of breed is suitable. Do not sell working dogs to people who live in small apartment, and do not sell toy dogs for people who need working dogs. Honesty is the best policy, do not aim for large income by selling your dogs to inappropriate owner. Provide open communication for you customer, follow up the dogs' situation and health.

XI.  HUMANE TREATMENT I used these term to emphasize that dog should be treated very well. Remember that your dog is not a 'milking cow' where you squeeze out milk every morning. Do not force your dog to mate just to produce latter. Do not force them to live in a squeezed kennel box. Feed them right. Give them toys and exercise. Give them the feeling of companionship. Stop breeding dogs with genetic diseases.

Dog breeding may require strict guidelines and commitments, but it can be financially and emotionally rewarding.

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