CAPTCHA. Online Home Data Entry Job: Easy Money

The process? duh! Apply online, create your profile and voila! you're all set to start.

The Pros 

Esy job. You will only enter 1-2 words or identify images in each task.
Newbies are most welcome. Inexperienced are welcome as long as you can recognize images and type words.  
No special skills needed. Need not to be expert in typing as long as you can type 15-20wpm, you're in!
No special equipment needed. Even your obsolete pc's will do as long as you have internet connection, some may require you to install software for you to get started.
Low payout. The usual payout amount will range from $1 to $3. Payment is made through paypal and payza.
Referrals. Oh, keep 'em coming. You can refer as many as you can.

Here's some legit captcha sites you might give a try.


The Cons 

Penny. No super easy task will give you millions, right? But if you can spend at least an hour or two doing this job, you can earn up $10-40 a month, not bad for candy treat. But how about if you spend time more than that? 
Time. Takes so much time to get $1. This is not for you if you easily get bored.
Loading... Some Captcha sites load captcha images slower. Relax, your connection is good, it's the website!
SCAM. There are tons of scams out there, so make a research.

Completely automated public turing test to tell computer humans apart or CAPTCHA is a security measure in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. It is used basically to avoid SPAM.


Advantages of Franchising

Often we hear about franchising as one of the best method of doing a business, aside from reputation and tested system there are good reasons why you should engage in a franchise business:

image: ddpavumba,


Chronological Resume Format

How to Write a Resume
Chronological Résumé
                This type of résumé directly shows job history and educational records in a chronological manner.  It is an effective format for those who have regular career growth and work experiences.
Below is an example of Chronological Résumé:


Steps in Writing a Simple Business Plan

                A business plan will serve as a blue print in putting up a business. Here's the basic contents of a business plan.

How to Cook Peanut for Business

1 kilo shelled peanuts
½ kilo cooking oil (you can use vegetable or palm oil)
Iodized salt
1 – 2 cloves garlic
MSG for seasoning (optional)
1. Slice garlic into thin pieces and fry into heated oil in deep pan until golden brown and set aside.
2. Adjust stove into medium heat.
3. Fry peanuts for 10 to 15 minutes, stir continuously to avoid burning the nuts. You can taste if it’s already cooked, by this time it’s a bit crunchy however if it’s too hot, just take out one nut and if you see white dots in the skin of the nut then it’s cooked.


Persuasive Advertising Strategies

Persuasive advertising strategy is very effective in stimulating customers’ desire to buy or patronize a product.

Categories of Persuasive Advertising

  •       Ethos is an appeal to credibility or character. It uses distinguishing character, ethics, morality, principles and standards of a person, group or organization.
  •     Logos is an appeal to logic or reason. This

Steps for Becoming an Online English Tutor

Are you interested in becoming an online English tutor or frustrated trying to become one?

Becoming an online English tutor can be a lucrative job. The demand for English language proficiency for foreign language subject in the academe and as secondary language is increasing but, dilemmas of becoming an effective online English tutor gives us doubt in pursuing this career.
To help you land an online English tutorial job, here are some helpful tips
that may help you along the way.  (some legit companies are listed below)